The Rules Part 2: How to Get Called Back

In episode 20 of The Open Bell, we gave you The Rules: Part 1. In episode 35, we’re back with The Rules Part 2: How to Get Called Back. We’re assuming that you paid attention to The Rules: Part 1, so you’ve been called for some gigs. Good work! Now you’ll want to make sure and get called back…so we’re here to help. Here are some easy, but necessary rules for you to follow. For details, listen to episode 35 of The Open Bell.

1. Keep your mouth shut 

2.  Remember your horn

3.  Bring the right equipment for the job

4.  Bring your mutes 

5.  Don’t sit in the first chair 

6.  Double check the dress code 

7.  Be early, stay late. (Early is on time, on time is late, late is unemployed)

8.  Know your role (principal, second, section) 

9.  Just be happy to be there

10.Don’t ask the conductor questions 

11.Don’t be the reason the rehearsal is derailed or delayed for any reason

12.Don’t bring (or recite out loud) your resume

13.Wear black socks 

14.Be nice

15.Don’t (attempt to) show up the lead player

16.Bring a pencil

17.Don’t bring food to rehearsal 

18.Stay off your phone

19.Thank the contractor for the call

20.No Cologne


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